Staying Relevant on Social Media During COVID-19

The Social Shift

5 Examples on How to Stay Relevant on Social Media

While there may be a temptation to hide out in times of crisis, for brands, now is not the time for social (media) distancing. In our current environment, connecting with consumers directly is more important than ever, as people turn to their screens to find new ways to connect. And with social media consumption continuing to rise as we all stay at home, brands who have shifted to create engaging and informative content are the ones staying relevant.

Read on for a few shining examples the brands we feel are doing it right.


Powerhouse brand Nike hit us right in the feels with their #PlayForTheWorld campaign, which highlights celebrity ambassadors and average Joes exercising at home – alone, but together. Nike isn’t pushing sales here, but instead, offering a message of hope and togetherness that will resonate with their consumers long after the crisis is over. They’re also effectively engaging their followers to download the Nike App for workouts, tips and advice from their community of Master Trainers, and using Instagram stories to share messages of hope and inspiration from their sponsored athletes.

Moku Roots

On the island of Maui, local restaurant Moku Roots is doing an incredible job keeping the community informed of their shifting operations and engaging with customers to find new opportunities to keep their business afloat. The restaurant posts multiple times a day on social media, which may be overkill during “normal” times, but is absolutely needed right now to communicate real-time updates to customers. Their pages include everything from tempting daily specials to information on new delivery routes and offerings like newly available produce boxes, garden starters and bulk goods for sale, while continuing to maintain key brand messages focused on sustainability, healthy eating and their commitment to zero-waste.


Retail brand REVOLVE made a quick shift from their #REVOLVEAroundTheWorld Instagram campaign to a more suitable one, #REVOLVEAroundTheHouse. The campaign showcases how the brand’s influencer partners and customers are incorporating REVOLVE’s products into their at-home fashion and self-care routines. In addition to this soft-sell, REVOLVE’s Instagram channel is also offering daily Instagram Live workouts, home-cooking content, live DJ sets, and more that has transformed their page into a true destination for at-home lifestyle and entertainment driven content.

Station Casinos

Station Casinos, which operates 20 hotel and casino properties in Las Vegas, closed all of their locations in March, but that hasn’t stopped them from staying connected with their guests. On Facebook, the company has been featuring “At Home Sessions” with popular Las Vegas performers. Who regularly appear at their properties, while also using social platforms to get the word out about their commitment to supporting the community and their employees with content showcasing their donations and initiatives. (Including a $1million donation to the Nevada task force designated to fight coronavirus, continued pay and benefits for full-time workers, and company executives who have pledged to  forego their salaries during the COVID-19 crisis).

Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami

While not a brand, per se, in Hawaii, Kauai’s Mayor Derek Kawakami has received national media attention for his social media content. Mayor Kawakami has been posting videos each night during quarantine, designed to “break the boredom together as a community.” His videos range from instructions on making “Butter Beer” and ice cream to the proper way to remove and dispose of latex gloves and create sustainable surface wipes. Brands can take inspiration from the perfect mix of content that both entertains and informs.

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