Jenerate PR Crisis Communications

How to Communicate During a Crisis!

3 Tips to Communicate Like a Pro!


As communications professionals, even we admit that finding ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic is unchartered territory. However, there are three key elements to crisis communications that can and should be applied during the time of COVID-19.

Jenerate PR Crisis Communications

Read on for Jenerate PR’s Three C’s to Communicating in a Crisis.

1) Clarity

An absence of communications leaves your audiences with questions. Be prepared to communicate clearly with your audience regarding your current operations and how they are changing amid the crisis. Don’t make your customers go digging for information – communications should be clear and concise in your internal communications and your external messaging via social media channels, newsletters and to the media.

2) Consistency

Companies that communicate frequently, transparently and thoughtfully are the ones that will survive a crisis. In any crisis, things can change quickly- which we have all seen in the face of COVID-19. That one Facebook post outlining your take out menu in mid-March is not enough. It’s crucial to communicate consistently about your evolving business operations through the duration of a crisis.

3) Compassion

During a crisis like the one we are in, fear is a unavoidable factor, and every communication should lead with compassion. Create communications that offer value to your audience, whether that be sharing what preventative measures are in place at your business to give your audience confidence that your services are safe, or sharing expertise via custom content that engages your audience while adding value to their lives during this time.

Jenerate PR been working closely with our clients to provide assistance navigating internal and external communication strategies in response to the impact of COVID-19. If your business is in need of communications or marketing support, Jenerate PR is waiving initial consulting fees during this time. To connect with us to discuss how we can help, please reach out to or call 949.423.3615. For more information about public relations click here

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