Our Areas of Expertise

Our growing portfolio includes leading regional and national brands in hospitality, travel and tourism, food and beverage, beauty and wellness, and luxury retail. We identify and create opportunities with media, influencers and partners that align with our clients' overall and industry-specific objectives.



Our culinary clients continue to inspire us to develop creative ways to tell the story of their cuisine, their imagination, and their innovation. We leverage our strong relationships with trusted national food and wine, lifestyle and travel media outlets to reach the true foodies and beverage connoisseurs. In addition, Jennifer brings experience working with national culinary brands and celebrity chefs; Iron Chef Morimoto Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Bradley Ogden, Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsey, Francois Payard, Carla Pellegrino, Angelo Sosa and Toby Keith, to name a few.



Hospitality brands encompass many areas of operation and can require a wide range of public relations and marketing support services. At Jenerate PR, we understand the many aspects of your business and work with you to achieve your communication goals around accommodations, food and beverage outlets, activities and amenities, special events and promotions, and key partnerships and initiatives.

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Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism brands have the unique opportunity to tell the story of a destination and invite guests to experience something new, something amazing, or something simply wonderful. Our clients rely on our expansive knowledge of popular travel and tourism locales to authentically promote their brands and the experiences they offer.

Luxury Retail & Real Estate

Marketing to the luxury market requires an in-depth understanding of the discriminating luxury consumer and a sophisticated approach to public relations and promotions. Always prioritizing quality and value, the luxury consumer seeks out trustworthy brands that reflect their own defined sense of style and taste. At Jenerate PR, we work with some of the leading brands in retail and local real estate, to help them cater to and communicate with the exclusive luxury market.

Beauty & Wellness

Whether your beauty, health or wellness brand is a product, a service, or an experience, Jenerate PR will help you share your story with your target customer. We continue to secure coverage with the leading beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle and luxury media outlets on behalf of our brands. In addition, we actively build relationships with key beauty and wellness bloggers and social media influencers. We even have a top beauty blogger on our team!

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