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Jenerate PR are experts in social media, from creative content and high engagement, it's why clients turn to Jenerate PR for the most engaging content that will grow your following.

successful social media management company integrates and supports your brand's identity, PR goals and marketing initiatives to digitally engage your customers.

The social media management team at Jenerate PR helps you navigate and manage your presence on the most active and relevant social media and review sites to  monitor your brand's reputation, ranking and customer engagement.

Jenerate PR social media management service in Las Vegas and Hawaii may include:

  • Social media audits and competitive analysis
  • Strategy development    
  • Content creation
  • E-commerce tools and solutions
  • Follow strategy and collaborations   
  • Contests and promotions
  • Ad creation and planning
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Why social media is so important today for business

Social media is one of the most under used and most important digital marketing tools out there. If you aren't using social media you are missing out on a lot of potential profits. Where else can you real millions of people for free? Our clients must have social media if they want PR to work well this day in age. Traditional PR is always going be a must for businesses like restaurants to stay top of mind in a crowded market. Once you land that beautiful print piece or you and your team create the perfect offering and secure TV coverage, then what? Well, this is where social media comes in. Keep the story going and share to all your social channels. Don't stop there. Engage with your followers and fans. Remember this is "Social Media" so, be social and respond!

What social channels should you have?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platform in the world. With over 1 billion monthly users, you must have presence on this platform. But, you must have beautiful and creative content.

Facebook is the leader with 2.45 billion users. And, did we mention these platforms are free? Facebook ads are always a recommendation for all businesses. Depending on your budget, even a few hundred dollars a month, your business can reach thousands of targeted potential customers.

Lastly we recommend YouTube for social media marketing. Probably the most under utilized social media marketing tool out there. Thanks to the younger demographic YouTube has exploded in traffic on the web. YouTube has passed Netflix for the highest streaming rate! The only downside with YouTube is you have to be willing to shoot a lot of meaningful or funny content. That's why companies turn to Jenerate PR's team of social media experts. We have a in house content creation division. We will create the most compelling video content that will captivate an audience.

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